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One Of A Kind Entertainment

Rory Feldman will provide you with a memorable experience you will not find anywhere else. Rory would love to be at your next trade show, business meeting, sales meeting, club event, or private party.

Performance Types

Whether up on stage performing for the CEO of your company, at a private party performing for your guests, the head of a table in a conference room, or behind the microphone at a trade show, Rory has the performance type and style you need.


Close-up Magic

Rory not only brings expert sleight-of-hand to each and every performance, but will personalize the performance to fit your needs.

 This isn’t your typical magic performance.  Take it from audience members, “it’s indescribable.”  Audiences are fascinated and stunned by his signature “Dollar Burn” trick, often asking for a second performance.

Close-up magic is performed right in front of your guests in groups, one at a time, or performing for your guests while they are sitting at their table, as Rory strolls through the room.

Rory uses cards, dollar bills, fire, rubber bands, coins, & other commonplace objects to create magic right in front of your guests.

Stage Shows

Rory’s act is in constant demand.  His inimitable presentations have been solicited by numerous Fortune 500 companies, magic conventions, and many other prestigious magic collecting conventions. These sophisticated acts are now available for your next event.

Trade Shows - Sales And Business Meetings - Corporate Seminars

"Being a magician, it takes a lot to wow me, but Rory definitely did. Magnificent!” – Alan Greenberg,  Bear Stearns CEO

Rory is fully equipped to create that same reaction for you and all of your guests. While incorporating your business into his routine, he will gain and keep the attention of your target audience with an unbelievable performance.

The list shown below is small grouping of companies that Rory Feldman has performed for.  These performances were at private parties, business meetings, and corporate events.  The performances were for the CEO's, executives, and/or the employees of the companies.
Consulting & Magic Memorabilia Archives

If you need a magic element or magic theme for a project you are working on, Rory Feldman is the right person for the job.

Rory has been a master of illusion for over 20 years; lending his consulting services to security firms, authors of a children’s books, magazines, and top network-produced national television specials.  Recently working with Jim Steinmeyer for on his book on magician Howard Thurston and with Noel Daniel, Editor of the Magic history book by Taschen.


(One of the many Howard Thurston displays in the Rory Feldman Collection.)

Houdini once said that the ultimate magician is not just a magician, but a historian and a collector as well.

This combination is what makes Rory so extraordinary.

Since 2000 Feldman has run the acclaimed website dedicated to Howard Thurston called  Feldman, along with items from his collection have appeared in over 100 publications and been seen by millions on various television segments.

He is the owner of the world's largest collection on magician Howard Thurston.  Rory Feldman's Wonder Show Museum consists of over 50,000 pieces relating to the great magician. Amongst magicians he is considered to be the authoritative voice on Thurston. Since 2008, Feldman has produced numerous magic exhibitions all over the country.

Whether you need a picture of a magician sawing a women in half, a poster of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or a piece of magic apparatus, Rory has everything to fit your needs.

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